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About hypnosis

Hypnosis is commonly called a “modified state of mind”. You can compare it to the state you are in when seeing a movie or driving on a highway for hours.
We find proofs of the utilisation of Hypnose in the oldest texts of Antiquity.

Nowadays, there are four diiferent kinds of hypnosis.


It is the one that is used in shows. It is not really therapeutic.


This form must have the patient participation. It is very conversational and suggestive. It respects the patient’s values.

New hypnosis

This is the one used nowadays by the therapists. It comes from Bandler and Grindler’s NLP and is based on their studies of Erickson’s work.


This new approach is basicly different. Instead of leading you in a modified state of mind, it considers that you are already in and thus awakens you to a better spiritual welfare.

  • How is hypnosis acting ?
    Nobody knows. Neurosciences has still a lot to do.
  • Is it dangerous ?
    It is definitly impossible to make somebody act against his own morality or will, neither to make somebody do anything that might be dangerous. Your subconscious is always watching after any physical or mental threat.
  • Is it working on everybody ?
    Yes: it is a natural state that occurs for a few instants ( or sometimes a few minutes ) every 90 minutes or so, depending on people.

    But be carefull: make sure the therapist has not been learning hypnosis by reading a couple of books, not talking about hypnotherapy by mail !
  • Am I conscious ?
    Yes, at all times. Thus you can leave this state of consciousness at any moment if what the therapists says is not convenient for you.